Upcoming Sessions

BreaCan conducts free information sessions on a regular basis. Coming to an information session is a great way to access information and connect with others in a similar situation.

Information sessions are coordinated by BreaCan staff and involve medical, allied health and other specialists, including creative therapists.

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Cancellations Policy

If we do not have enough people enrolled one week before a session is scheduled we will cancel the session and inform anyone who has booked. This also allows the speaker sufficient time to make other plans. We hope that cancelling a session is never necessary but also realise that having only a small number of people attending a session is no longer workable.

An Introduction to Wellness – its Benefits in Illness and in Health

Date: Tuesday, 21/02/2017
Time: 4.00PM - 6.00PM

Location: Mulgrave Community Centre, 355 Wellington Road, Mulgrave

This presentation is a brief introduction into what really defines Wellness and how can the various modalities of Wellness such as meditation and exercise improve our treatment of illnesses such as cancer and enhance our lives on a daily basis. Presented by Dr Leon Tan, a medical practitioner with extensive experience in community general practice

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Understanding Your Pathology Report

Date: Thursday, 23/02/2017
Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

The pathology report plays an important role in cancer diagnosis and staging which helps to determine treatment options. Our presenter will explain what happens from the time of the initial biopsy to the test results, what information is provided on a report and the level of information you as a patient can expect, the criteria

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Healing Yoga

Date: Monday, 27/02/2017
Time: 1.00PM - 2.15PM

Location: East Doncaster

Would you like to learn some simple skills you can practice to promote healing in your body and mind? Session dates: February 27, March 6, March 20 and March 27 These four sessions will provide a nurturing yoga practice that is tailored to individual needs. The focus will be on developing awareness of breath and mindfulness

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Breast Cancer and Bone Metastases

Date: Wednesday, 08/03/2017
Time: 12.30PM - 2.00PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Metastatic breast cancer commonly involves bone metastases.  As a result several complications can arise: bone pain, fractures and high blood levels of calcium. In addition the treatments for metastatic cancer can increase the risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis.  In this session Yoland will detail the current and upcoming treatments available to strengthen bone and prevent

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Fertility Preservation for Younger Women Diagnosed with Cancer

Date: Monday, 20/03/2017
Time: 12.00PM - 1.30PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Some cancer treatments, eg chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy, can reduce a woman’s fertility and chance of having children in the future. Younger women diagnosed with cancer need to make decisions quickly about whether they would like to pursue fertility preservation measures. In this session we will hear about the issues that are important in

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Shrinking the Worries

Date: Thursday, 23/03/2017
Time: 10.30AM - 12.30PM

Location: Education Centre (Ambulatory Care Entrance), Northern Hospital

We all worry about things occasionally. But sometimes, especially after a major event in our lives such as a cancer diagnosis, we can find ourselves worrying more about all manner of things. This affects sleep, stress levels and general wellbeing. This session will look at a variety of ways to help you worry less. Our

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Date: Thursday, 30/03/2017
Time: 12:30PM - 2:00PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

After having surgery to remove lymph glands there is a risk of developing lymphoedema. Our presenter will detail what lymphoedema is, early warning signs, how to minimise the risk of developing it and how to best manage it if it develops. The impact of exercise and massage, as well as where to find assistance will

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Date: Monday, 03/04/2017
Time: 10:30AM - 12:00PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

This session will provide an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method which involves very gentle but unusual movements, designed to discover more comfortable and efficient ways to move.  These movement lessons tap into how the brain organises movement.  All you need to bring is your curiosity and hopefully the session will be both surprising and fun!

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Managing Chronic Illness: What Does It Mean to Me?

Date: Thursday, 20/04/2017
Time: 11.00AM - 12.30PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

What does this term mean and what relevance does it have after a cancer diagnosis and treatment? Increasing rates of chronic illness, including cancer, and the impact of this on our health system, mean that it is important, on many levels, for people to be active participants in their own health care. To become active

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Morning Tea for Women Living with Advanced Cancer

Date: Monday, 24/04/2017
Time: 10.30AM - 12.00PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Join us for a lovely morning tea and an opportunity to chat with BreaCan volunteers and other women who are living with advanced cancer. There are real benefits to connecting with others who really understand your situation in a way that others, however well meaning, may not. Some of these include not feeling so alone

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Vitamin D and Cancer

Date: Wednesday, 26/04/2017
Time: 11.00AM - 12.30PM

Location: Women's Health Victoria, Level 8, 255 Bourke Street, Melbourne

What is vitamin D? Do I have enough of it? Why is it being talked about so much in the last few years? What is the data on cancer in relation to vitamin D and how good are the studies? Dr Allison Hodge will speak about the latest research in this field. Allison is an

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