Upcoming Sessions

BreaCan conducts free information sessions on a regular basis. Coming to an information session is a great way to access information and connect with others in a similar situation.

Information sessions are coordinated by BreaCan staff and involve medical, allied health and other specialists, including creative therapists.

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Cancellations Policy

If we do not have enough people enrolled one week before a session is scheduled we will cancel the session and inform anyone who has booked. This also allows the speaker sufficient time to make other plans. We hope that cancelling a session is never necessary but also realise that having only a small number of people attending a session is no longer workable.

City Street Photography

Date: Monday, 03/10/2016
Time: 11.00AM - 12.30PM

Location: Meet at the Breacan Resource Centre

Awaken your senses this Spring! Join Marion Vincent, a passionate photographer, on a short walk to Flagstaff Gardens. Bring along any image recording device you may have, for example, a camera, mobile phone or iPad. Come with us and capture the shapes, sights and skyline of the city in a way like never before. We will

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Advanced Breast Cancer Awareness Day morning tea

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2016
Time: 10.15AM - 11.30AM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

This is a day to honour and acknowledge all the women who are living with advanced breast cancer. Please join us for morning tea. All are welcome. You are also welcome to attend Listening to Music for Energy, Relaxation and Creativity, which will follow the morning tea.    

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Listening to Music for Energy, Relaxation and Creativity

Date: Thursday, 13/10/2016
Time: 11.30AM - 1.00PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Music can be used to enhance mood, to manage stress, to energise or relax. By being mindfully aware of the effects of various types of music, we can influence our mind and emotions in positive ways. In this workshop you will be guided in what to listen for when choosing music for a specific purpose,

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Menopause After Cancer

Date: Thursday, 27/10/2016
Time: 10.00AM - 11.30AM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

The onset of menopausal symptoms after treatment for breast or a gynaecological cancer can have a long-lasting effect on quality of life, body image, sexual function and self-esteem. Faith Rees is the Nurse Coordinator for the Menopause Symptoms After Cancer Clinic at the Women’s. Faith will speak on the management of menopausal symptoms after cancer

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Decision-Making for Women with Advanced Cancer

Date: Wednesday, 09/11/2016
Time: 1.00PM - 2.30PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Living with advanced cancer involves an ongoing series of decisions relating to cancer treatment. These include decisions about treatment options and managing side effects, how your oncologist makes decisions about your care, sharing what’s important to you with your oncologist, seeking information or not, and accessing supportive care services. Every individual’s experience is unique but

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Gynaecological Cancer: Self-Esteem and Intimacy

Date: Thursday, 10/11/2016
Time: 1.00PM - 4.00PM

Location: Victoria Room, Level 4, QVWC

Join us to talk about the ways cancer impacts on our sense of self as women, and our relationships with others. Hear from women who have experienced a gynaecological cancer, and Dr Dani Bullen, Clinical Psychologist, Psychosocial Oncology Program at  at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. This session is for women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer. Afternoon tea will be

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Breast Reconstruction

Date: Thursday, 24/11/2016
Time: 12.30PM - 2.00PM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Dr Kim Taylor is a plastic surgeon working in breast reconstruction. In this session, Kim will speak about what women need to consider when deciding on breast reconstruction, the types of reconstructive surgery available, current issues, and new developments in the field. To attend the session in the BreaCan Resource Centre (not the webinar) please

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Your Immune System and Cancer

Date: Wednesday, 30/11/2016
Time: 3.15PM - 5.00PM

Location: Collaboration Space, Level 5, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre

Please join us for afternoon tea from 2.30pm. The presentation will begin at 3.15pm. Professor Jonathan Cebon, Medical Director and Head of Cancer Immunobiology Laboratory, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, conducts research into ways in which the immune system has an impact on cancer cells. Professor Cebon will talk about the links between the immune system

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End of Year Morning Tea

Date: Thursday, 08/12/2016
Time: 10.30AM - 12.00PM

Location: Victoria Room, Queen Victoria Women's Centre

BreaCan invites you to help us celebrate the festive season with friends, fun and some yummy food! Look back on the achievements of 2016, catch up with old friends and meet new ones. This is always a popular event so to help us cater for all, please RSVP by Monday 5 December

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African Drumming

Date: Monday, 12/12/2016
Time: 10.00AM - 11.00AM

Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Jeremy Prentice is a drumming teacher from African Drumming in St Kilda. Join Jeremy as he shares with us what lies at the heart of African drumming: its spirit, traditions and wonderful energy. This will be a fun and very interactive session giving participants a chance to experience the stress relief and energising benefits that

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