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Are you interested in volunteering for BreaCan?

BreaCan is a quality women-centred, holistic service providing information and support to people affected by breast or a gynaecological cancer in Victoria. Through our caring and flexible approach we provide a safe environment for people to share their personal experiences of cancer and to seek information relevant to their needs as they define them. BreaCan recognises that every woman’s experience is different.

About our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them many skills and qualities (read some of their stories here). They range in age as well as in their personal experience of cancer. We would like to recruit women with breast cancer and women with gynaecological cancers so that we can draw on their personal experiences. To ensure diversity in our volunteer program, we aim to recruit some women from non-English speaking backgrounds, younger women and women with children.

The Role of the Volunteer

Volunteers are vital to the work of BreaCan, and we are fortunate to have a group of motivated and committed women who continually inspire and inform us. Our volunteers provide peer support. This means volunteers share their experiences in a helpful and meaningful way to support others affected by breast or a gynaecological cancer. The exchange of knowledge between women comes from their lived experience which helps to affirm and normalise what they are going through, in a way others can not. We are also interested in recruiting people who may not be able to commit to working as a peer support volunteer in our resource centre, but would like to support people in some way. BreaCan encourages the participation of volunteers in the development and operation of the service. Would you like to:

  • Share your breast or gynaecological cancer experience with other women and provide them with support?
  • Help women access good quality, reliable information?
  • Link women into available support services such as counselling, practical support, local health care services, and breast or gynaecological cancer support groups?
  • Talk to women who contact the service by telephone?
  • Help us host information activities at the centre?
  • Peer support volunteers need to be able to work in the Centre during the day and commit to a 50 hour training program. We also recognise that people may want to contribute to the service but share their experiences in a different capacity. This might be people who are partners or carers, people who live rurally, or younger women who have to balance various commitments. If so, please also consider contacting us.


The first step is to ring BreaCan on 1300 781 500 or email us at breacan@breacan.org.au to tell us you are interested in volunteering. Please let us know your name, address and phone number, so we can contact you.