Health Professionals

The success and relevance of BreaCan relies heavily on working collaboratively with a range of organisations in the cancer sector. Like many support services, BreaCan believes the best level of care is the result of healthcare providers working in tandem. Each year BreaCan builds on existing relationships and establishes new relationships with relevant services to increase capacity to meet the needs of women who access the service.

BreaCan can assist you in your work through:

  • providing information and support to a patient you may refer to us
  • providing information resources upon request through the resource library, you can also search the library online
  • keeping you informed of key news, events and activities (join our mailing list)
  • advocating on behalf of a patient
  • referring you to local community supports and services
  • collaborating in hosting a public forum in your local community
  • speaking at professional development sessions/forums
  • speaking to end-of-treatment groups
  • partnering in the submission for funding around supportive care projects and resources, and
  • assisting in the promotion of workshops, seminars and forums
You are key to helping us reach and support more women. Let us support you and make a difference to the women and families you care for.

If you require support for a client, please use our client referral system. We have learnt that it is often easier for a woman if we can call her first, once she has given her consent.

  • Send a Request

  • If you require support for a client, please use our client referral system.